Traditional Japanese Wedding

A spiritual moment that links people together

May these 2 people
have a bright and happy future.
May their love continue forever.
No matter how much wedding
styles may change,
the hopes and dreams of
people remain the same.
Japanese-style weddings value
the couple, as well as
their families and friends.
The traditional clothes and
ceremony are a beautiful,
respectful prayer.

Pure White Dress

A pure white dress accentuates the cold beauty of Japanese women, and has the highest status in traditional ceremonies.White has been a symbol of respect for sacred light since ancient times in Japan, and is mainly used in religious ceremonies.The obi sash and accessories are also white, deeply expressing the pureness and cleanliness of the bride.

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The Ceremony

The ceremonies performed today are said to be modeled after the wedding of Emperor Taisho and Sadako Kujo in 1900.There are many ceremonies styles determined by the ceremony master, each with their own meaning, including shutsubatsu (purification), norito-sojo (a report to god), and sankon (tightening the bonds of bride and groom).The ceremony offers pure congratulations to one of life’s milestones.

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Familiar Bonds

As marriage is also considered a bond between families, the couple’s family and relatives are present during the ceremony. Shinzokukatame no sakazuki is the final symbolic ritual where all present family members partake of sacred sake, strengthening their mutual bonds and becoming one large family together.

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A Return to Tradition

In Japan today, there are many wedding styles, including Christian-style weddings, non-religious ceremonies, and original weddings, but lately, thinking about their new life together, more and more couples are interested in returning to Japanese-style weddings as they are drawn to the dignified atmosphere appropriate for strengthening one’s heart. Couples with a deep interested in Japan from overseas are also interested in Japanese weddings.

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