A polished way of thinking

We think only of the comfort of
our guests, and calmly create a plan.
Ancient Japanese hospitality is
not always beautiful and gorgeous.
Sometimes it may be too graceful,
and the customer may not
be aware of the details.
But this hospitality lingers,
and continues to shine as a
beautiful memory,
in the same way
as a wonderful smell lingers.

The Form of the Spirit

For example, when entering the room, one gracefully uses both hands, and quietly slides the door.
Hospitality towards the customer begins with each careful behavior. The beauty of actions – the “form” in tea ceremony and archery. This is a display of respect to people, place, and time.

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Colors of the Season

Blooming flowers, flowing water, burning autumn leaves, and pure snow. We create clearer expressions of the seasons through hanging scrolls and flowers, and our clothing, dishes, and cuisine reflect the seasons, as well. Through the love of the seasons, the Japanese sense of beauty that values natural colors adds beautiful color to our gathering places.

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Patterns of Happiness

There are many traditional patterns in our clothing and tableware designs that wish for good things.From concrete symbols, such as cranes, turtles, and treasure boxes, to more abstract symbols, such as eternity (arabesque pattern), protection, (dragon’s eye), and wealth (cloissone pattern), these designs are chosen for the occasions.Thinking of the customer even during preparations raises the quality of hospitality.

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Words of Sincerity

The Japanese language offers expressions that show great respect for the listener.
Respect, modesty, polite attitudes…relationships and status are reflected in great detail in Japanese,
which is yet another way that Japanese hospitality strives to provide pleasant moments.

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