Our Local Tokushima

The deep blue coastline from
the Seto Inland Sea to the Pacific Ocean,
the dense mountain range border area
known as a place of mystery,
the slow flowing Yoshino River
across the plains.
Tokushima Prefecture, set among
ample nature, is close to the prosperous
Kansai area,
and has developed
a rich culture over many years.
In recent years,
people have flocked to the area
from large cities
in search of
a better quality of life.

Culture Born of Exchange

Tokushima has been well-known through multifaceted cultural exchange, including the 88 Temple Pilgrimage that celebrated it’s 1200-year anniversary in 2014, and Naruto, where the first Japanese performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was held. Nowadays, I-turn and U-turn young people are showing off their creative abilities through IT and a renaissance of traditional crafts (indigo dying, etc.).

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Rich Ingredients

Many of the agricultural and marine products of Tokushima have superior taste and quality, receiving high praise in Tokyo and Osaka markets where only the best judge. This may be because of lots of simple home cooking, and recipes that can make food very delicious no matter the ingredient. There are many famous brands, as well, including Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes.

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Colorful Values

Mountains, sea, rivers, forests, and towns. Tokushima uniquely harmonizes the value of the many areas that we live in.In a land favoring unique view points and rich in ideal character, many of the successful new businesses with female presidents and corporations that represent Tokushima are skilled in research and development.

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Quality of Life

Families move here to raise their children to be healthy among the warm climate and abundant nature.Young people seeking a simple life move from the far away city to local seaside towns.
While lacking in splendor, the quality of life here is fulfilling. Many people are just now beginning to see Tokushima’s charm.

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