Our Story

Inherited traditions and innovations

or in other words, authentic.
Kashino Club gives you
a unique chance to experience
and taste
the essence of
Japanese beauty
through the buildings, furniture,
the gardens,
the traditions, beauty,
spirit of hospitality, and more.

Timeless Buildings


Most of the main buildings
at Kashino Club
were made during the Edo,
Meiji, and Taisho periods in Japan,
and have been moved
here and renovated.
With our moon viewing pavilion,
translucent glass chandelier,
and other brilliant items
from the past,
we use them as they are,
creating a place for celebrations
fitting even today.

Main Building Kashino [Former Kashino Family Residence]

This large residence took 10 years to complete during the Taisho period, and was luxuriously built with 1,000 square meters of floor space. The banquet hall features a sparkling, translucent chandelier, and the reception room has matching Western-style tables, showcasing the elegance of Taisho-era modernism. It was registered as a national tangible cultural property in 1999.

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Japanese Ceremony Hall Waon [Former Kitagawa Family Residence]

This thatched house was transported from Nagahama City, north of Biwako Lake, by 24 large trucks, and has been reborn as a Japanese-style ceremony hall. The warm appearance is quite impressive, harkening back to the lives of common people during the Edo period.

story-story-1-waon-1 story-story-1-waon-2 story-story-1-waon-3 story-story-1-waon-4 story-story-1-waon-5

Villa Fugatei [Former Takeda Family Residence]

The Takeda family was the original owner, descendants of the famous warrior, Takeda Shingen.
The formalities of the prestigious family shown by the building and the dignity of Edo period samurai houses adds a glamour to that special, bright day.

story-story-1-fugatei-1 story-story-1-fugatei-2 story-story-1-fugatei-3 story-story-1-fugatei-4 story-story-1-fugatei-5

Fugatei Reception Hall [Former Tsuchida Family Residence]

This approximately 300 year old house was transported from the Kohoku region of Shiga Prefecture.
Besides the wooden floors around the hearth set into the floor, the rest of the relaxing floor plan features mud floors, openly inviting people and offering warm hospitality.

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Playful Furniture

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Modern glass from the Taisho period,
where aestheticism flourished,
and majestic, sturdy beams
that tell of the warrior’s spirit.
Antique furniture and art
were selected to match this space
which echoes a timeless beauty.
Enjoy the playful nature of tradition
woven with innovation,
with accents of modern art.

Garden of Memories

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There are approximately
80 varieties of trees and flowers
that express
the beauty of the seasons
within the expansive grounds.
In addition to flowers
in spring and autumn crops,
the deeply beautiful
nature of even harsh summers
and unforgiving winters
is intertwined within our lives.
A landscape seen only once,
together with someone special.
Seeing the same flowers and fruits
that come with the passing
of the seasons
surely brings back
memories of happiness.